Working method

Our goal is to optimise your bookkeeping process. We invest all the time necessary to take you through the process, transfer knowledge and to discuss issues and opportunities with you. As a result, you develop a good understanding of how your financial administration works and how to interpret reports produced by the bookkeeping software. We teach you how to interpret what the figures actually mean for your business. We also detect inaccuracies, explain how to correct them and how to enter data correctly. We share the workload, to help you avoid unnecessary costs. This personal, efficient approach has proved itself time and again. Together, we achieve the best result – with quality assured!

Telephone meetings

At various times during the year, we will contact you by phone to go through the accounts resulting from your own data entry. Together we will use Moneybird (or another bookkeeping programme) to check and ensure that your accounts are logical and correct, that all tax advantages are utilised and that the relevant tax returns can be filed. These phone meetings are checkpoints along the way to the proper closing of your financial year. And they ensure that you maintain a good overview of your state of affairs, throughout the year.

How does it work in practice?

During the year we have the following meetings with the majority of our clients – scheduled via our website. The indicated duration is a guideline. Sometimes we need more time to correct or explain things, sometimes not – so meetings can be longer or shorter than planned.

Quarterly meeting

We discuss the VAT return every quarter. The aim is to submit the return at the end of the meeting. Each quarterly meeting takes half an hour.

Interim results meeting

In June we look at the interim results and check the provisional assessment. This meeting lasts one hour.

Meeting to prepare for finalisation of the annual accounts

We prepare the annual accounts in the last quarter of the year. This meeting takes one hour.

Annual accounts meeting

In February we perform a final check, together, to finalise the annual accounts. This meeting takes 45 minutes.

Meeting to prepare company tax

We prepare the company tax return together, in the months of April/May. This meeting takes one hour.